Researchers from the GIRM create ice microalgae

Picture content - Researchers from the GIRM create ice microalgae

Research on the potential of marine resources has led researchers to create a GIRM ice microalgae with health benefits , which will begin shipping soon.

In the laboratories of the research group on marine resources ( ESTM - IPL ) , microalgae , since before used in food supplements , are studied from a year ago , as the ice has been the target of tastings to better adapt the taste of consumers.

Investigators say the cold has " a great beneficial effect " in the regularization of the intestinal tract , so the constipation problems " will be minimized ."

"In terms of antioxidant capacity associated with algae , we know that algae will minimize problems of oxidative stress , which may lead to cardiovascular disease , oncology , which will be minimized by the ability of antioxidation algae . Being lactose content reduced by 50-55 % a lactose intolerant can consume this ice cream , "says Susana Bernardino , faculty engaged in research.

With the utilization of marine resources , scientists want , in this case , bring algae to feed Western , similarly to what happens in Eastern culture.

After one year, the end result is an ice cream made ​​from seaweed and a substance called kefir ( microorganisms compounds ) , green color , that from today until Sunday will be offered off the beach at Figueira da Foz passers- by Emanha , an ice manufacturing craftsmanship with stores in Lisbon and Figueira da Foz.

The research project , is part of the strategy to develop applied research to business needs , creating solutions that facilitate innovation and competitiveness.

Published 23/10/2013 (12h05)