Course: Introduction to aquariums | 15-16 july 2014

15-16 july 2014 | School of Tourism and Maritime Technology

Between 15 and 16 July, ESTM (Peniche) - IP Leiria, through the Marine Resources Research Group (GIRM), promotes the 1st course on “Introduction to Aquariums”. Directed to at all the curious world of aquatics wishing to enhance knowledge in the hobby, or start up with this fascinating hobby, this course aims to provide basic knowledge and skills for proper initiation into the world of freshwater and marine aquariums. The course will take place at ESTM (Peniche) facilities and will have the support of national and international aquarium companies, with exhibition of products and equipment and exclusive promotional offers to all participants. For more information and registration, please contact the organization (

Curso Iniciação Aquariofilia

Published 11/06/2014 (11h46)